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On your arrival at ChesterGates for your pet’s appointment, please report to reception. A member of the Reception Team will check that we have all of your details and that these are correct. Your receptionist is there to help guide you through your visit with us. You may be asked to sign a registration form and also a consent form for your pet to have any required tests or procedures during your visit.

Your consultation with the veterinary surgeon to whom you have been referred normally lasts between thirty and sixty minutes. It is often advisable beforehand to make a few notes yourself about your pet’s condition as part of the examination will consist of history taking. Your pet will also be examined at that time.

It is often necessary to perform blood tests and other procedures on the day of your appointment, so please do not feed your pet on that day. However, do continue to give your pet any medication as directed. You may give your pet water.

If your pet is also having a MRI scan or other diagnostic procedures on the day of your appointment, this will extend the length your stay. It is advisable in these circumstances to allow the better part of the day for your visit to ChesterGates. If required your pet may be hospitalised for further treatment and tests.

Payment is due at the time of your visit and we are happy to process any pet health insurance claim forms which you may have. It is advisable to check the level of your insurance cover before your visit. Please feel free to ask for an estimate of any costs which may be incurred.

We work very closely with your usual veterinary practice to ensure the highest possible levels of care for your pet. Reports are sent to your usual practice to keep them informed and up-to-date on your pet’s treatment. Our team of veterinary specialists are always ready to help.

We do realize that having a sick or injured pet is very stressful and we are here to help you. Please telephone reception if you have any queries or concerns about your visit to ChesterGates. Our Reception Team is always ready to help.

About ChesterGates

ChesterGates Referral Hospital is a 100% referral and emergency care hospital which opened in May 2004.

It is equipped with a comfortable reception area, 8 consulting rooms, 4 operating theatres, separate dog and cat hospital wards, a laboratory, laser surgical units, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, endoscopy, electrodiagnostics, colour Doppler ultrasonography, ICU, a hydrotherapy suite and an in-house MRI.

The hospital is serviced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a specialist team of veterinary surgeons and nurses who have all chosen to dedicate their lives to the care of sick animals.

ChesterGates receives referrals in anaesthesia, cardiology, diagnostic imaging including MRI, dermatology, emergency medicine, neurology, orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy, and surgery including neurosurgery, spinal and soft tissue surgery.

ChesterGates is a world leader in veterinary MR imaging and one of the leading referral centres in the UK.

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