We would prefer that you pay for your pet’s treatment at the time of discharge. We will aim to make this as simple for you as possible by having a detailed invoice ready for you on departure. The preferred method of payment is by debit or credit card, but payment by cash or cheque supported by a bankers’ card is acceptable as well.

We do try to ensure that all aspects of your pet’s treatment at ChesterGates are looked after as efficiently as possible including the financial aspects.

Before any consultation or treatment, you should always contact your insurer to check that your cover is adequate and that your pet’s condition is covered.

For instance:

  • Is there an excess on your policy and will it be deducted from this claim?
  • Is there an annual charge limit?
  • Is there coverage for your pet’s condition?

When you visit ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists please bring the following insurance information with you:

  • A valid claim form.
  • Your insurance membership or policy number and the policy documentation.
  • Any confirmation of eligibility provided by your insurance company such as a pre-authorization or claim reference number.
  • The date you first noticed that your pet was unwell. This is very important for insurance purposes
  • Any information regarding claims sent by your usual veterinary surgeon for your pet’s current medical condition.

As a result of an excess or insufficient cover, you may incur charges that need to be paid. These outstanding charges may not be identified until several weeks after your visit to ChesterGates and when your insurer has settled only part of our invoice.

The process is simple. Your insurer will inform you of their payment and we will write to confirm any amount you need to pay us yourself or that is outstanding to you..

Direct payment via your insurance company does not remove your obligation to ensure that your invoice is settled in full and promptly. If your insurance company does not settle promptly with us, we may ask you to contact them to progress payment.

If you are unable to provide us with the insurance details we have requested, you will have to pay all charges in full at the time of your visit. We will happily process your insurance form for reimbursement to yourself.

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