Our Patients Come First


Inpatients are given plenty of cuddles as well as medical care. Fresh food is prepared for fussy eaters and it is not unusual to find patients being hand fed. Those patients who are ambulatory are taken on short walks several times a day. Recumbent patients are given physiotherapy as appropriate. The nurses are always happy to speak to concerned owners who receive regular updates on their hospitalised pets.

  • Specially designed cages in the dog ward to allow for comfort, cleanliness and bathing facilities
  • Cosy cat ward with facilities to cook for fussy eaters
  • Climate control for added comfort in the wards
  • Lift and hoist facilities for recumbent patients
  • Enrichment programmes for long term patients to help avoid boredom
  • Dedicated kennel staff who go that one step further
  • Trained nurses on duty 24/7 to look after your pet and assist the veterinary surgeons
  • State-of-the art laundry facilities to combat MRSA
  • Separate visiting area for owners

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