What to expect if admitted


This section details what to expect if your pet is admitted to the wards at ChesterGates.

The Hospital Wards:

We do have separate dog and cat wards at ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists.

All of the wards are staffed 24 hours a day by veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses.   The main dog ward is air-conditioned for total comfort. The cat ward is bright and sunny.  The wards and kennels are cleaned several times a day ensuring the highest standards of hygiene for your pet. We have invested in specially designed washers and dryers to ensure that all of our bedding and towelling is thoroughly cleaned and free of MRSA.

The Routine:

We try to keep your pet’s routine while in the wards as close as possible to that of normal home life. All dogs who are well enough are taken for several short walks in the ‘back garden’ daily so that they can eliminate in the usual way.

All of the pets in our wards receive a great deal of care and individual attention from the staff. Diets are very important and fussy eaters are given freshly cooked food to tempt their appetites.

Medication routines are followed as closely as possible to those which you maintain at home.

The Nursing and Animal Carer Staff:

Our staff in the hospital is here because they have chosen to dedicate their lives to the care of sick or injured animals. Their primary concern while at ChesterGates is the welfare of your pets.
They are always happy to discuss any aspect of your pet’s care with you. You may rest assured that your pet will receive lots of love and attention during their stay at ChesterGates.

Ward Rounds:

The team of veterinary surgeons along with the nurses at ChesterGates carry out ward rounds every morning and evening to the inpatients. This affords a chance to check each patient thoroughly and to make any necessary changes to treatment and medication regimes etc..

Phoning for an Update on Your Pet:

As you can appreciate, early morning is a busy time at the hospital.  Although we would be very grateful that you phone for a detailed update on your pet between 1:00 and 3:00 pm daily, you are free to call outside of these times for a brief update.

A member of the team will also contact you after morning ward rounds to update your on your pet’s progress. This may be either by a phone call or a text message.

All balances on accounts are updated daily. If you require any information on or an update on your account please feel free to ask at the time of your call.


You are always welcome to visit your hospitalised pet at ChesterGates. We have a visitors’ area where you may sit comfortably and quietly with your pet.  Many pets enjoy being fed by the owners during such visits, so if your pet has any favourite food treats and does not have any dietary restrictions, then do fell free to bring these along with you.  We do request that you  phone ahead and arrange your visit with one of our nurses.

Your Account:

Treatment costs are added to your account on a daily basis. If you are worried about costs a written estimate and/or a copy of your account can be produced at any given time. Any concerns regarding financial matters should be raised immediately with our accounts department.

If costs exceed £1,000 we may request an interim payment or if a direct claim has been agreed request a signed claim form.

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