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Our orthopaedic surgeons can do some amazing things!

6th September 2023

Here is Pip, a 1 year old female cross breed who presented to Marko Stejskal DACVS-SA for a chronic, low-grade, worsening left front limb lameness due to an angular limb deformity. A CT study was used for manufacturing of 3D printed bone models and correction guides which were then used for the surgical correction and straightening of the limb. These 3D bone guides ensure the surgeon is as accurate as possible when correcting such deformities. In the image you can see how the 3D bone guides are developed from the CT reconstruction, these guides help the surgeon know where to make cuts in the bone and at what angle.

At the time of a revisit at 10 weeks postoperatively we were very happy with the result and with Pip’s recovery.

Many thanks to Bill Oxley and Vet3D for their help with the surgical planning.

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